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Anabolic Add-on Training: Biceps

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Don’t Mistake Movement For Achievement

We can all get caught up in the little things. For business owners, we have to break that down even further. Are we doing the things that grow our business and lead to revenue, or are we doing things that can (and should be) delegated or outsourced? Be busy at your skillset, doing the stuff you enjoy doing.

I See Potential In You


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Total Immersion and Podcasts


Can you imagine learning a little something from an expert? Everyday?!

I like listening to podcasts, but it’s just recently that I decided to listen to a podcast (or even a portion of one) every single day during the typical business week.

How else can you glean advice from experts in all sorts of fields so easily?

The majority of podcasts I listen to are business, marketing, success, exercise, nutrition, tech, mind, CrossFit, etc.

I learn, I get motivated, I stay focused, and I learn some more…  All from podcasts that are readily available to me and YOU.

I’ve “learned” from the likes of:
Richard Branson
Seth Godin
Dan Sullivan
Joe Polish
Daymond John
Tim Ferris
And a ton more under-the-radar leaders in their field of expertise.

Some of the particular podcasts I’ve been listening to lately are:
Self Made Man
The Art of Charm
Lewis Howes
Tim Ferris
Dave Asprey
Mastermind Talks
Entrepreneur On Fire

They all have great guests that may not be well known, but are experts in their field.

So in essence, I’m immersing myself in learning everyday. And now I get to execute on the things I learn that can improve my life in all aspects.

Increasing Your Capacity with Craig Groeschel

A true leader and great talk from Craig Groeschel,  founding and senior Pastor at Life.Church.

How Much Protein Should You Consume?


People want to get leaner, stronger, faster, and look better, but they don’t consistently do what’s needed to get there. Sometimes it’s just too much info at once and they don’t know where to start. They get buckled down by overwhelm.

Well, here’s a directive for you. Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. 

(Here’s my “new” thing as of late. Directives. Straight, simplified instruction, without any fluff. It’s a do this, do that, get results methodology. Start simple. We could always add layers of complexity and detail. But whatever it is you do, you have to start and make it simple to do so.)

Your main focus is to hit that goal above for three weeks straight without fail. And I promise you’ll notice a huge difference in your physique.

This is the single biggest habit you can do with your nutrition to “move the needle” with regards to a change in your physique (assuming you’re already working out consistently).

You can consume half your protein intake with shakes, that’s fine, but no more than half. You need to eat chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, etc. Do it. Get it done. Daily.