Attention: Men 40 And Older

Are you looking to get back in shape? Not just reasonable shape, but freakin’ REALLY good shape… Lean AND Strong. Well, check this out…

I’ve been a personal trainer and coach for 25 years. I own a strength and conditioning gym here in Birmingham, AL.

You can’t train and eat like you’re 25 years old anymore. I know this. I’ve trained hundreds of men and I have the experience myself (I’m 43 years old now).

Everyone our age has some tweaks in our aging joints and we don’t recover like we used to. However, don’t let that stop you. You can rise above and transform your current body.

I’m going through this myself as I really double down on my fitness and physique (I’ve got a birthday coming). No matter what your starting point is right now, you can follow along and “take a peek” over my shoulder to see what I’m doing.

Then I’ll tell you what you need to do or modify for yourself based on your starting point, the time allotted to working out, eating preference (keto or carb based), gym, and training experience.

And I’ll tell you exactly which supplements I’m taking, and which you should take if you follow along with my protocol.

This is a brand new group I just created based on the interest from so many other 40+ year old guys who are not members of my gym who have seen me on social media or just around town. I plan to make a website for us which will house all the info, training, nutrition, supplements, and mindset (<=== this is a huge par of it), but for now you can only get the info from email (update: membership site launching soon).

Okay, if you’ve read this far, go ahead and type in your name and email below for the next steps and updates.