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Anabolic Add-on Training: Biceps

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Don’t Mistake Movement For Achievement

We can all get caught up in the little things. For business owners, we have to break that down even further. Are we doing the things that grow our business and lead to revenue, or are we doing things that can (and should be) delegated or outsourced? Be busy at your skillset, doing the stuff you enjoy doing.

The Incredible Power Of Habit

I talk about habits all the time and the importance and power of having positive habits that create less stress and move you towards your goals, both short-term, and long-term. Here’s a quick overview you need to know because your habits make you.

How Habits Work

  • Studies indicate that it takes 21 days to develop a habit pattern.
  • Awareness of your actions and lots of practice is the only way to establish a habit pattern that will last.
  • Creating a positive habit will boost your mood and provide more self-confidence.
  • Past experiences can bring on habits that will affect you for the remainder of your life.
  • Every one of your habits is a loop that begins with a trigger, which results in the behavior, which leads to a reward.

Key Habits of Successful People

  • Habits are responsible for your success – or lack of success.
  • You may not realize that bad habits are holding you back.
  • When you practice a good habit for 21 days, you’re well on your way to a successful outcome.
  • There are certain habits that are likely found in every highly successful person.
  • Practice habits constantly
  • Triggers, behavior, and rewards work together.

How to Create New Habits

  • There are certain “ingredients” found in the creation of every new habit.
  • First, identify the habit you want to create.
  • Visualization is a main part of creating a new habit.
  • Make a commitment to change.
  • Rewards are important.
  • Don’t break any part of the habit loop.

How to Stick to Your New Habits

  • Know the habit you want to establish — inside and out.
  • Remember the three parts of every habit are the trigger, the behavior, and the reward.
  • Set aside time in your schedule to develop the new habit.
  • Planning what you will do in case a lack of willpower occurs is essential to succeeding in the formation of the new habit.
  • Know the saboteurs in your life.

Mark Sisson on Primal Endurance

Total Immersion and Podcasts


Can you imagine learning a little something from an expert? Everyday?!

I like listening to podcasts, but it’s just recently that I decided to listen to a podcast (or even a portion of one) every single day during the typical business week.

How else can you glean advice from experts in all sorts of fields so easily?

The majority of podcasts I listen to are business, marketing, success, exercise, nutrition, tech, mind, CrossFit, etc.

I learn, I get motivated, I stay focused, and I learn some more…  All from podcasts that are readily available to me and YOU.

I’ve “learned” from the likes of:
Richard Branson
Seth Godin
Dan Sullivan
Joe Polish
Daymond John
Tim Ferris
And a ton more under-the-radar leaders in their field of expertise.

Some of the particular podcasts I’ve been listening to lately are:
Self Made Man
The Art of Charm
Lewis Howes
Tim Ferris
Dave Asprey
Mastermind Talks
Entrepreneur On Fire

They all have great guests that may not be well known, but are experts in their field.

So in essence, I’m immersing myself in learning everyday. And now I get to execute on the things I learn that can improve my life in all aspects.

Increasing Your Capacity with Craig Groeschel

A true leader and great talk from Craig Groeschel,  founding and senior Pastor at Life.Church.

Your Daily Objective


It’s why many of us don’t get things DONE. We’re not clear in what we need to do. I use a simple web app called Simpleology. It’s helps keep me focused on my daily targets.

Proverbs 16:3

Proverbs 16:3

How To Be Successful

Right on! [Playback from 2012]