I talk about habits all the time and the importance and power of having positive habits that create less stress and move you towards your goals, both short-term, and long-term. Here’s a quick overview you need to know because your habits make you.

How Habits Work

  • Studies indicate that it takes 21 days to develop a habit pattern.
  • Awareness of your actions and lots of practice is the only way to establish a habit pattern that will last.
  • Creating a positive habit will boost your mood and provide more self-confidence.
  • Past experiences can bring on habits that will affect you for the remainder of your life.
  • Every one of your habits is a loop that begins with a trigger, which results in the behavior, which leads to a reward.

Key Habits of Successful People

  • Habits are responsible for your success – or lack of success.
  • You may not realize that bad habits are holding you back.
  • When you practice a good habit for 21 days, you’re well on your way to a successful outcome.
  • There are certain habits that are likely found in every highly successful person.
  • Practice habits constantly
  • Triggers, behavior, and rewards work together.

How to Create New Habits

  • There are certain “ingredients” found in the creation of every new habit.
  • First, identify the habit you want to create.
  • Visualization is a main part of creating a new habit.
  • Make a commitment to change.
  • Rewards are important.
  • Don’t break any part of the habit loop.

How to Stick to Your New Habits

  • Know the habit you want to establish — inside and out.
  • Remember the three parts of every habit are the trigger, the behavior, and the reward.
  • Set aside time in your schedule to develop the new habit.
  • Planning what you will do in case a lack of willpower occurs is essential to succeeding in the formation of the new habit.
  • Know the saboteurs in your life.