Mainly for guys 35 and older who workout…

We all know testosterone drops as we get older and it’s a primary driver in your body that affects your training and muscle growth. Growth hormone is the body’s master hormone for maintaining strength and lean muscle tissue.

1stphorm Primal-TIf you’re looking for quicker recovery and an overall “boost” in your training and muscularity, consider this supplement, Primal-T.  I’m about to start another 8-week cycle of this to help speed up my rehab process in my shoulder (nothing torn, just a deep, deep tendonitis all around it).  But hey, you don’t have to be coming off of an injury to get on this supplement.

If you’re an older guy like me and you’ve never tried any type of testosterone enhancer supplement, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. When some of my clients or members feel “stuck” in their training, sometimes adding in a supplement to the mix gives them a change-up they look forward to.

And if you’re a man over 35, this testosterone and GH boosting supplement could be that spark. I’ve got some members on this and they can see and feel a difference.

Try it out here – Primal-T.